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Are You Liable for Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Bill? Illegal Nursing Home Debt Collection

Whether you have a loved one in a nursing home or are a care coordinator, professional representative, or other health care provider, it’s important to advocate for our most vulnerable adults. Many families are shocked by the cost of nursing home care and bills can skyrocket quickly. The billing statements are often complicated and confusing. You might also wonder if you have to pay that bill should your loved one be unable to. It’s critical

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How to Use An Irrevocable Trust for Medicaid & Long-Term Care Planning

Medicaid is a benefits program that provides long-term care assistance to seniors who meet certain income and asset requirements. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the options available to protect their assets from being spent down to qualify for Medicaid benefits.

An irrevocable trust is a very effective tool used in long-term care planning.  It can allow seniors to protect their hard-earned savings now and utilize Medicaid in the future.

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How Much Does Nursing Home Care Cost in Florida?

We all know someone or have had a loved one in nursing home care. It’s expensive, but what does it really cost? And who pays for it? Can you afford it, and if not, how will you or your family pay for care when you need it? Who Will Need Care in Florida? According to the department of health and human services, nearly 70 percent of seniors aged 65 and older will need some ongoing

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How to Qualify for Long-Term Care Medicaid Programs in Florida

The cost of care for a nursing home in Florida is over $100,000 per year. By 2030 one in four Floridians will be over the age of 65, and many will need long-term care benefits. How will you pay for care as you age? Can you afford the cost of assisted living or nursing home care? Medicaid is often the answer. Medicaid pays for roughly 60 percent of long-term care spending, yet applying for Medicaid

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5 Things Florida Nursing Homes Are Not Allowed to Do

When a family member becomes elderly or disabled and can no longer take care of themselves without assistance, it can be difficult to decide whether they need nursing home care. The most critical factor is the health and safety of the loved one.  Another factor to consider is their financial situation. If they cannot afford in-home care, or if long-term care insurance does not cover in-home care, then a nursing home may be more affordable.

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The Difference Incapacity Planning Can Make

We help clients and their families prepare for and progress through the hardships and turmoil of the third stage of life by providing incapacity planning. Because we know the emotional and physical difficulties of aging, our firm is dedicated to bringing this much-needed service to all elderly individuals and their families. That is why we come to you. We meet you in the comfort of your own surroundings to discuss your personal situation and family

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Do You Need Help Qualifying For Medicaid?

Many families find themselves in this predicament, not knowing where to turn for assistance to help pay for the extraordinary cost of long-term care. There is help, and it is in the form of Medicaid. Currently, Florida provides individuals who are 65 years or older and who meet the qualifications of two different programs that can significantly defray the cost of long-term care either at home, in an assisted living facility, or even in a

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An Experienced Elder Law Attorney Helping You Qualify For Benefits

When the prospect of long-term care arises for a loved one, financial pressure can mount in a hurry. Family members are often left wondering how they will be able to afford expensive nursing home bills, medication, equipment and other needs. An experienced elder law attorney can help you explore all the opportunities available to you, including government benefit programs and asset protection strategies. At Friedman Elder Law Department, LLC, we handle a broad range of elder

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How do you prevent siblings from fighting over your will?

Creating an estate plan and a will is an important part of managing your affairs after death. However, wills in particular have a bad reputation for stirring ire among family members. What can you do to prevent this from happening? And why does it happen in the first place? Why do these fights happen? Forbes discusses the reasons that siblings sometimes fight over wills. In many cases, it is a re-emergence of old negative feelings

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Using Irrevocable Trusts To Pass On Your Wealth

You worked hard for years to build a comfortable lifestyle for you and your loved ones. Now, you are considering how to pass your wealth on to the next generation. There are many tools available to help you, but which ones should you use? One of the best options is an irrevocable trust. At Friedman Elder Law Department, LLC, attorney Heidi Friedman can assist you in using irrevocable trusts to preserve your assets for your beneficiaries.

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