What are VA Aid & Attendance Benefits?

The Department of Veterans Affairs, or VA, offers those who have served in the military honorably a number of benefits.

Most vets who have settled in the Broward County area probably know about some of these benefits, but they may not realize the full gamete of VA payouts and programs they may qualify for.

For instance, VA Aid & Attendance Benefits, or just A & A Benefits, can form an important part of a Florida resident’s plan for long term care as they get older.

A & A Benefits may help Florida vets pay for a nursing home stay

Any vet who is drawing a pension from the VA is eligible to qualify for A & A Benefits.

In order to qualify, a person must also demonstrate that he or she needs an assistant to help with his basic daily tasks or that he is confined to bed.

Those who are in a nursing home because of long-term cognitive or physical decline due to a disability may also qualify, as can those who are legally “blind” under the definition the program uses.

It is worth pointing out that those who are confined to their home because of a legally permanent disability may also qualify for Household Benefits. A person may not draw both A & A and Household Benefits at the same time, however.

A & A Benefits can serve as a valuable financial resource to those trying to figure out how to finance a stay in a nursing home.

That being said, applying for these benefits can be complicated and stressful. Likewise, after the application, the veteran may be called upon to prove his or her eligibility and may even have his or her claim denied.

Finally, even if a vet does qualify for A & A Benefits, he may need to rely on other government aid like Medicaid, as well as private funding, in order to cover fully the cost of care.  This may require careful planning with the help of someone who specializes in elder law.

5 Tips to Protect Your Savings from the Nursing Home

5 Tips to Protect Your Savings from the Nursing Home

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