What could a group home for senior citizens offer me?

Florida’s seniors have options when considering their long-term care and assisted living needs. The Florida Legislature’s website notes that the Department of Elderly Affairs licenses organizations operating community residential homes.

A nursing home generally offers 24/7 medical care. Residents, however, eat prepared meals and pets are not allowed. If you prefer to live within a community of up to 14 seniors, an adult family or “group” home may offer a more independent lifestyle.

What makes a community home different?

The Sunshine State’s licensing requirements mandate that community residential homes provide full-time support staffing. They must also supervise residents and address emotional, physical and social needs.

As reported by the AARP, community residents receive personalized care and pay less than they would for a nursing home. With a higher staff-to-client ratio, you could receive assistance tailored to your specific needs and wants. You may also cook meals and socialize.

How could I determine if a group home meets my needs?

Before deciding on your long-term living choice, you could visit different types of residential facilities. After getting a close-up look at a group home, you may have a more realistic basis of comparison when you visit a nursing home or an assisted living center.

While touring a group home, you could inspect the premises for cleanliness and safety features. Based on how often you need skilled nursing services, you may wish to consider the staffing compared to the number of residents. Social activities and visiting hours could also help determine what type of residence you choose.

The State of Florida offers seniors options when planning for Medicaid and long-term care. Whether you reside at home, at an assisted living center or within a shared community home, an estate plan outlines your preferences. Legal documents may also protect your decisions concerning the personal care and treatment you choose.

5 Tips to Protect Your Savings from the Nursing Home

5 Tips to Protect Your Savings from the Nursing Home

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