What personality traits should you look for in your executor?

As you age, many questions about the details in your will or who will be in charge of filing it may fill your mind. Not only is choosing an executor an important task for you, but it also is a serious role to fill for anyone who volunteers for it.

Learning about how to pick the best person for the job can help you feel secure in your choice.

Diligent and ready to work

According to CNBC, one of the best ways to tell if a potential executor will be a good fit for the job is by seeing if they want the responsibility. Since this person does not need to have a financial background or much training, it makes sense to pick someone who wants to complete this task.

One part of this job is making sure every beneficiary receives the proper assets. If you are talking to someone who tends to procrastinate or does not seem emotionally invested in taking care of financial assets, then you may need to look for another choice.

Thoughtful and calm

Having serious discussions about assets and heirlooms with family members of the deceased can make anyone feel nervous. Choosing an executor who has an even temper and can talk calmly and respectfully with your loved ones can help them feel more relaxed during this difficult time.


Since this person must outlive you, you may want to choose someone who is younger but still willing to perform these duties. In some cases, having a backup person you would also want as an executor if your first choice cannot do the job can help you.

Thinking seriously about what traits you want in an executor is a great way to start this process.

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5 Tips to Protect Your Savings from the Nursing Home

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