What are nursing home costs not covered by Medicaid?

Discussing issues with your parents like a stay in a nursing home is probably a difficult subject, but worthwhile nonetheless. You may learn your parents want Medicaid to cover their nursing home expenses. If your loved ones meet Medicaid requirements, your family should have a good idea of what Medicaid will and will not pay for.

As WebMD explains, Medicaid covers different aspects of care but does not pay for certain items or services.

Examples of covered items

When your parents go into a nursing home, Medicaid should provide coverage for their day-to-day needs like their room and board as well as personal hygiene materials. Medicaid assistance also applies to your parents’ meals, including special foods they need because their diet requires it.

Medicaid also covers social services and different kinds of care. One or both of your parents may need a particular kind of nursing care or rehabilitation. Your parents should also receive coverage for prescription drugs or over-the-counter medicine.

Examples of non-covered items

Medicaid usually does not pay for things that do not directly relate to care or everyday necessities. While Medicaid pays for meals, it may not cover foods like comfort foods that are not essential for a diet. Medicaid is also unlikely to pay for electronics like a television, an internet modem or a phone. You or your parents might also have to foot the bill for clothing, books, plants, and magazines.

In addition, your parents will probably need separate funds to pay for things like a private room or to finance a social event that has nothing to do with the nursing home. If you suspect your parents will have expenses that Medicaid cannot cover, listing them in advance could be of benefit so you can work out different ways to pay for them.

5 Tips to Protect Your Savings from the Nursing Home

5 Tips to Protect Your Savings from the Nursing Home

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