Talking to Your Ex about Your Estate Plan

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Talking to Your Ex about Your Estate Plan

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Many different facets of the divorce process can be upsetting, whether a couple has kids and are unsure of what to do about child custody or a somewhat wealthy couple has no idea how marital assets will be divided. Moreover, estate planning should not be looked over either, and there are a number of different matters that you may have to take into account if you have ended your marriage and also have an estate plan. For example, you may wish to revise your estate plan and it could be helpful to discuss this with your ex, although that is not always the case.

If you or your former spouse have any questions about estate plan revision or related legal matters, communication could be beneficial. You may want to go over a number of different topics with your ex, such as matters which affect your children. Likewise, you may want to speak with your former spouse about his or her estate plan if they wish to have a chat with you. It is helpful to do what you can to minimize tension and move forward, but at the same time you should not let yourself be taken advantage of.

Every couple is in a unique situation and this is also true when it comes to estate planning from an individual’s perspective. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of some of the different legal topics that could play an important role in the efficacy of your estate plan and your finances.

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