A team that stands up for Florida Seniors

Elders face legal and financial challenges that can prove costly and damaging if not handled with care. 

Luckily, with the guidance of an experienced Board-Certified Elder Law Attorney, elders and their loved ones can navigate these challenges and lay the foundation for peaceful and financially healthy golden years.

At Friedman Elder Law & Estate Planning Department, we believe...

Service is our top priority. Our team takes the time to listen to you and understand your values, needs, and goals.

You should be charged fairly. Most of our services use a flat pricing structure, not an infinite running meter.

Peace of mind matters. You should fully understand and feel comfortable with your legal plan.

We are always here. You can expect a lifelong relationship that includes plan reviews and ongoing communication.

Your Dedicated Elder Law Attorney

Heidi F. Friedman, Esq.

Heidi F. Friedman, Esq.

Heidi, the compassionate heart behind Friedman Elder Law & Estate Planning Department, LLC, understands the unique challenges seniors face. As one of the select few Board Certified Elder Law Attorneys in Florida, she is deeply committed to safeguarding your hard-earned assets and ensuring dignified care in the golden years. 

Witnessing the struggles and triumphs of hundreds, Heidi’s expertise extends from Elder Law and Medicaid to Veteran’s benefits. But it’s her personal touch, her drive to create real change, that sets her apart.

Every senior deserves to age gracefully, and through her tireless advocacy, Heidi has transformed lives by securing government benefits for countless individuals, ensuring they receive the care they truly deserve. 

She’s not just an attorney. She’s a beacon of hope, working relentlessly with several agencies to champion the cause of seniors and those with dementia.

Having served in a law firm that prioritized fair treatment, today Heidi continues her mission, guiding families through the maze of asset protection and estate planning. As a South Florida native and mother of a special needs child, her advocacy extends to the heart of the community, ensuring that every voice is heard, every need met. With Heidi, you’re not just a client, you’re family. And she’s here to fight for your peace of mind.

Heidi F. Friedman, Esq.

Heidi & her mom

In addition to her professional experience, Heidi recently suffered the loss of her mother. Prior to her mother’s death, Heidi became her mother’s caretaker, experiencing firsthand the trials and tribulations of this emotional and exhaustive role. Heidi is uniquely qualified to understanding the many concerns facing the aging population.

With her specialized knowledge of the programs and services offered to seniors, as well as her own personal experiences, Heidi can protect your nest egg and provide you peace of mind as you continue to grow older.

It's time to protect yourself & those you love.

Whether you are preparing for future long-term care needs, are seeking Veteran’s Benefits, or have a loved one entering or already in a nursing home, we are ready to assist you.

Take your first step by contacting us today.

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