Heidi F. Friedman, Esq.

Owner, Attorney

Heidi is the owner of Friedman Elder Law Department, LLC. She is one of only a few Board Certified Elder Law Attorneys in Florida. She has extensive experience in Elder Law, Medicaid and Veteran’s Administration benefits for wartime veterans and their surviving spouses. Additionally she specializes in estate planning for the 65+ population with a focus on asset protection against the overwhelming cost of long-term care. Heidi sits on a number of boards for different agencies and nonprofit organizations which concentrate on providing knowledge, support and assistance to and for the aging population. In her role as an elder law attorney, Heidi has assisted hundreds of her clients obtain government benefits to help pay for long-term care whether at home, in an assisted living facility or in a skilled nursing home. Her work has resulted in significant savings for each of her clients and their families.

Heidi dedicates herself to the elderly through her volunteer work with several not-for profit agencies that focus on the senior community. In her role as a member of the Medicaid committee with the Florida Bar, she is working on shortening and rectifying the issues with the current waitlist for long-term care programs offered by Medicaid. Additionally, as a Board Director of SoFIA (South Florida Institute on Aging), Heidi is dedicated to providing programs to enhance seniors and empower them to thrive as they age. She also is committed to educating the public about those who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease or other memory disorders through her work as a member of the statewide Dementia Care and Cure Initiative created by the Governor.

Prior to the birth of her two sons, Heidi worked for a mid-size law firm that represented several large corporations. Her responsibilities included ensuring that employees of these companies were treated fairly and without discrimination as required under federal and state constitutions and laws. In this capacity, Heidi provided seminars and workshops discussing federal and state laws and regulations governing discrimination in the work environment. Today, Heidi continues to educate the public through seminars wherein she provides valuable information on how to prepare and plan to protect private assets against the significant cost of long-term care using estate planning strategies.

Heidi is a South Florida native, sister of two Army veterans, and the mother of two sons, one with special needs. She has been a dedicated advocate for the special needs community and assisted other children with special needs to obtain necessary services within the school system. She successfully lobbied the state legislature to increase education funding and promoted healthcare issues. Additionally, she was involved with safeguarding our schools in her role as a Hearing Officer for the Broward County School system.

Heidi F. Friedman, Esq.

Heidi & her mom

In addition to her professional experience, Heidi recently suffered the loss of her mother. Prior to her mother’s death, Heidi became her mother’s caretaker, experiencing firsthand the trials and tribulations of this emotional and exhaustive role. Heidi is uniquely qualified to understanding the many concerns facing the aging population.

With her specialized knowledge of the programs and services offered to seniors, as well as her own personal experiences, Heidi can protect your nest egg and provide you peace of mind as you continue to grow older.

It's time to protect yourself & those you love.

Whether you are preparing for future long-term care needs, are seeking Veteran’s Benefits, or have a loved one entering or already in a nursing home, we are ready to assist you.

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