Do You Feel Guilty About Doing What Is Best?

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Do You Feel Guilty About Doing What Is Best?

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Your parents have taken care of you your entire life. Whether you were sent off to school with a homemade lunch, spent summers in the backyard preparing for football season or had your college education paid for, you probably know how hard your parents worked to provide for and support you.

Now that you are an adult, the tables may turn. However, no matter how hard you might try to care for your parents as they age, the probability of successfully balancing your career, child rearing and meeting the needs of your aging parents is likely minimal. And even if you understand moving your parents into a nursing home is best for them, how do you handle your own feelings of guilt?

Things that might be helpful for accepting changes in your family

It can be extremely difficult to decide to move your parents into a nursing home. It might feel as though you are not fulfilling your duties as their child. Perhaps you feel like not caring for your parents yourself makes you appear ungrateful. However, in most cases, your parents will get the best care possible when they have qualified nursing staff available to them around the clock.

As you make different accommodations for, or with, your parents and watch them accept their changes, there are also some things you can do to help you transition:

  • Recognize that your changes are significant
  • Find someone you can talk to
  • Encourage your parents to get involved at their new facility
  • Look for new ways to express your love
  • Remember the reasons why this change was necessary

You likely understand that you made the best possible decision for your parents, given your circumstances. Still, there could be a variety of emotions surrounding moving your parents into a nursing home. However, while nursing staff provide assistance for your parents, it is important for you to take care of yourself. Take valuable time for self-care, reflect on the life your parents provided for you and feel secure that you made the right decision for them.

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