Do New VA Rules Affect Benefits For Agent Orange Exposure?

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Do New VA Rules Affect Benefits For Agent Orange Exposure?

Agent Orange was a defoliant that U.S. forces sprayed across Vietnam during the war. It is widely known today that Agent Orange was incredibly effective at devastating not only foliage but anything it came in contact with.

But you know that.

If you are reading this, Agent Orange has affected your life. But did you know that benefits may be available to both veterans and their families?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs continues to expand the list of medical conditions eligible for benefits due to Agent Orange exposure. The list now includes more than a dozen diseases, but it is up to the victims and their survivors to connect the diagnosis to the true cause: Agent Orange.

If you or a loved one fought in Vietnam, keep an eye on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Agent Orange related diseases listing. If symptoms of any of those conditions exist, you may be eligible for disability compensation.

To receive disability benefits from the VA for Agent Orange exposure, you or your loved one must:

  • Have come into contact with Agent Orange during service in Vietnam; and
  • Have an illness thought to be caused by contact with Agent Orange

While we would all like to think that our veterans are getting the care they so rightly deserve, it is not typically the case. Often, veterans and their loved ones must jump through hoops only to have their claim denied for some procedural error. Enlisting the help of an experienced legal professional gives veterans and their loved ones the best chance at recovering the monthly pension that will be necessary for care down the road.

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